KK SDG5 – Pre Unit Lesson Plan

Gender Equality – Pre Unit Lesson Plan

Possible Subjects: PSHE

Years: 3-6

Lesson: 1 of 1

Learning Outcome

To create a safe space to discuss emotions and understand gender equality.


Definitions & Resources

Gender Equality Y Chart

Lesson Overview

This lesson plan explores identity and emotions whilst supporting students in sharing their feelings in a safe space. It is designed to introduce students to the concept of gender equality in all genders, before beginning the SDG 5 lessons.

Tuning In – ‘What do students know about this topic?’

DISCUSS:  Create a learner agreement

Introduction (5 mins)
  • Discuss and agree to be open minded and supportive towards others’ questions and comments during this lesson. 
  • Explain that there may be potential triggers. Talk about how students may choose to deal with these (should be in line with school, eg, Students may choose to leave the room for a short 2 minute break & then discuss with a teacher/parent/trusted adult the problems they experienced.)

Finding out – ‘Students investigate, research & plan’


Teach/Model (5 mins)
  • Show the terms:
    • biological sex
    • gender
    • gender expression
    • gender equality
  • Ask the questions:
    • How do we define these?
    • What do they mean to you?
  • Have students read the following article to themselves. Bring class together to discuss its content.


Guided Practice (5 mins)
  • Watch the video and discuss the content.

EXPLORE: Complete Y Chart in Pairs

Independent (25 mins)
  • What does gender equality:
    • look like? 
    • sound like? 
    • feel like?
Plenary: reflection (5 mins)
  • Explain to students that you will provide a question box for students in the class somewhere for them to add sensible suggestions to.

Additional Homework Activity


  • Ask students to watch a gender identity movie & write a review.