NSW Communications for Impact Award Recognises Action4Agriculture’s Outstanding Achievement

Action4Agriculture is thrilled to announce that it has been honoured with the prestigious NSW Government and Banksia Foundation “Communications for Impact Award”, highlighting its remarkable commitment to fostering positive change in the community.

The winning initiative, “The Young Environmental Champions” program, stands out for its innovative approach in partnering with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to empower young people. Delivered in primary and secondary schools, this program enables students to investigate global issues, appreciate diverse perspectives, and develop solutions at the local level.

“The Young Environmental Champions program exemplifies our dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders,” says Lynne Strong CEO at Action4Agriculture. “By providing students with the tools to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate confidently, we aim to equip them for the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.”

Lynne Strong accepting award from Hon Penny Sharpe Minister for Climate Change, Minister for Energy, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage.

This award-winning program not only engages students but also addresses the growing need for 21st-century skills. It empowers participants to become creative and critical thinkers, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of the modern workforce.

“We are proud to deliver a program that aligns with educators’ desires for impactful learning experiences,” adds Lynne Strong. “The Young Environmental Champions program not only connects students with real-world issues but also demonstrates the tangible impact of their efforts.”

Furthermore, the program fosters valuable connections between schools and the wider community, including business leaders. This not only highlights the meaningful careers within the environmental sector but also reinforces the importance of students’ contributions to the broader community.

“The connection to community and business leaders shows young people that what matters to them is valued and respected by the ‘grown-up’ world,” emphasizes Lynne Strong 

Action4Agriculture extends its heartfelt gratitude to the NSW Government and Banksia Foundation recognising the significance of the Young Environmental Champions program. The organization remains committed to inspiring and empowering the youth to make a positive impact on the world.