TAP SDG13 – Lesson Plan 2 – Definitions & Resources

Climate Action – Discover & Explore Locally Definitions & Resources

Possible Subjects: Geography, English

Years: 7-12

Lesson: 2 of 3

Context and Definitions:

  • Temperature rise in Australia: the average annual temperature in Australia has increased by up to 1 degree across most of Australia for the past 20 years. The upward trend is also occurring in southern regions to a lesser degree, with an increase of up to 0,5 degrees.
  • Climate change myths and facts check (for fact check student activity):
    Please note that all sources are included for your own reference as a way to help you guide the students in their answers. They are not meant to be used as a single source of information, nor to be given as a source reference to the students. You may wish to ask the students to do their own research, and they may come up with slightly different argumentations and numbers.
    • Myth #1: “Scientists can’t even agree that climate change is happening.”
      • Facts check: Between 90% and 100% of climate experts agree that human action is causing global warming (99% according to a study mentioned in the Guardian in 2019, while earlier studies indicate 97%)
      • More information here and here
    • Myth #2: “Climate is changing. It’s changed before.”
      • Facts check: Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time; humans are now the dominant force.
      • More information here
    • Myth #3: “Plants and animals will adapt to the changes.”
      • Facts check: Global warming will cause mass extinctions of species that cannot adapt on short time scales.
      • More information here and here
    • Myth #4: “Global warming isn’t real. It is cooling.”
      • Facts check: The last decade was the hottest on record.
      • More information here
    • Myth #5: “It won’t affect me or anyone I know.”
      • Facts check: Climate change affects individuals disproportionately, hurting the poorest and most vulnerable communities worse than others. The next generation (your children or grandchildren depending on your age) will be affected by the consequences of climate change at every stage of their life. 
      • More information here

More Resources:


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