KK SDG3 – Lesson Plan 1 – Global Awareness & Understanding

Good Health & Well Being – Global Awareness & Understanding Lesson Plan 1

Possible Subjects: PSHE

Years: 3-6

Lesson: 1 of 2

Learning Outcome

Identify and monitor our feelings and emotions and the impacts of them. 


Definitions & Resources

Please download all the templates from this document link here and follow any additional instructions each template needs, for example, “Print one each / create and share x per student”.

Lesson Overview

This lesson plan explores our individual well being and emotions whilst supporting students in sharing their feelings in a safe space. This lesson emphasises the importance of identifying and managing your emotions and how learning to do this can help build positive relationships with others.

Note to teachers 

Please note that these lesson plans are designed to create a framework to be used in schools. If, while using these resources, your class begins to take a different direction, or makes connections to another issue that changes the direction of the lessons, we would love to hear how you have adapted the lessons. Please feel free to share your adapted lessons in our SDG 3 web page. Contact us here with your anecdotes and student discoveries.