KK SDG13 – Lesson Plan 2 – Definitions & Resources

Climate Action – Discover & Explore Locally Definitions & Resources

Possible Subjects: Geography, English

Years: 3-6

Lesson: 2 of 3

Context and Definitions:

  • The average annual temperature in Australia has increased by up to 1 degree across most of Australia for the past 20 years. The upward trend is also occurring in southern regions to a lesser degree, with an increase of up to 0,5 degrees.
  • Even though the consequences of the temperature rise in Australia are already dramatic (bushfire crisis), there is still a part of the population as well as people in power who deny the correlation between human action and climate change.

Lesson Resources:


How the World Ran Out of Time



Myths & Facts Check Template


Task #1


More Resources:


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