Our Programs

For Emerging Leaders in Agriculture (18-30 years)

The Young Farming Champions Program (YFC) program identifies and supports young agricultural professionals and equips them with the skills to:  

  • Connect and collaborate with the next generation of consumers and multiply their impact 
  • Advocate for, and drive change in, the Australian agricultural sector.  

The YFC are the face of our in-school programs and role models for who you can be in agriculture. 

For Young People in Schools (6-18 years)  

Kreative Koalas (primary school) and The Archibull Prize (secondary school) programs engage school students in agriculture and sustainability awareness, understanding behaviour change and action through art, design, creativity, teamwork and project development.

Kreative Koalas Logo
The Archibull Prize Logo

Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the programs inspire teachers, students and their communities to become changemakers. Read more

Students are connected to young people working in agriculture and over two school terms they design, deliver and report on a Community Behaviour Change Action Project.

The students also create an SDG inspired artwork on a giant koala or a life size fibreglass cow, and a digital diary articulating the students’ learning journey.  Watch St Brigid’s Primary School, Raymond Terrace, video journal.

An awards ceremony brings hundreds of students together to celebrate the schools’ achievements.  

The programs’ successes are due to the collaboration of students, teachers, parents, business, community sustainability and agricultural industry experts. This ecosystem legacy of expertise lives on beyond the projects’ lifespan, encouraging long term behaviour change.

The Archibull Prize and Kreative Koalas are connecting learning to:

  • Real world issues
  • Real world people
  • What young people value.

Through our programs, Action for Agriculture is: 

  • Growing young leaders 
  • Giving young people a voice and 
  • Opportunities to solve tomorrow’s problems today.