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At Action for Agriculture we believe empowered young people have the capacity to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

The Innovation Hub is a Young Farming Champions alumni community of practice for individuals and groups to build an innovation mindset, explore new ideas, collaborate, experiment and accelerate learning applied to a real-world project that nurtures a bright future for agriculture.

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Leadership is Language

At Action for Agriculture we train emerging leaders initially through our Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program; graduates of which become our Young Farming Champions (YFC).

We encourage them to be life-long learners and provide them with ongoing opportunities to be critical and creative thinkers and informed and active citizens of the communities the work, live and play in.

They see everyday as a new opportunity to enhance those skills.

One way we did this during COVID 19 was to develop the Leadership is Language webinar series where Young Farming Champions have the opportunity to host a webinar and interview some of the world’s foremost thought leaders on communicating how we can show leadership by the language and communication styles we use.

Our guests challenge us to change the way we talk as leaders by learning the language of creativity, collaboration and commitment. They illustrate the powerful intersection of communication and leadership and offer simple steps to transform your thinking, your influence and the lives in your span of care and how we can reinvent our leadership style to meet the evolving demands of the new marketplace.

In the first series our amazing guests were:

How to invoke reflective practice and bring your empathy, curiosity and openness, listening skills to the conversation with social science researcher Dr Nicole McDonald
Great leadership is not a position or authority, it is a mindset with human agronomist Rebel Black
How to invoke reflective practice and bring your Invest in yourself and learn to have the important conversations with succession planner Sally Murfett
Language is spoken language, body language and listening with Australian Rural Leadership program mentor Graham Smith
Put yourself in their shoes and support your audience to map out their own journey with international agriculture researcher Francesca Earp
Picking your fight “The ally fight” – who we are helping with leadership coach Dave Stachowiak
Leadership is about understanding your client or customer with Yacker co-founder Emma Ayliffe

The second series has kicked off in October with a similarly impressive line-up including:

Empowering to future consumers to tread lightly on the planet with OzHarvest FEAST director Amelia Berner
Why we should embrace the art of being curious with leadership coach Michael Bungay Stanier
Innovators and Changemakers taking the lead with Austral Fisheries CEO David Carter
Telling the Water Story with communication expert Monique White
How do we learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure everyone comes home – worker health and safety with Austral CEO David Carter

Anticipatory Leadership – How do we overcome the psychosocial barriers and be on the front foot with Catherine Marriott and Alison Penfold
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